Friday, November 28, 2014

Akki Roti (Soft)

The Last time i visited Coorg, I stayed at a home stay and the hostess in that house, made these amazingly soft, fluffy and melt in mouth akki roti. I was always used to eat akki roti loaded with onions and other finely chopped veggies. These vegetables actually make the roti's thick and crispy. I am not a great fan of those.

After much trial and error, of course with a lot of google search's and endless watching of cookery videos on Youtube. I have a easy recipe to the world's best AKKI ROTI :)


Rice Flour - 2 Cups 
Salt - To taste
Oil - 2 Tsp
Butter (Optional)
Water - 2 Cups

Cooking Method

Boil Water in a bowl, When the water is rapidly boiling, Add Salt and Oil.

Slowly add the rice flour to the water, turn the stove off.

Allow this mixture to cool, so that its warm enough for you to handle it. Transfer to a big plate and knead the dough thoroughly, since rice is gluten free, you must ensure the dough is well kneaded to get soft rotis.

Use rice flour for dusting and roll into small discs, the dough will crack in the sides, so take a sharp round plate or lid and cut into circles. so that its all uniform.

Heat a Non-Stick tava, place the discs on the tava.

When small bubbles start to appear, turn to the other side, after 20 Sec, You can place this roti directly on the fire. 

It will fluff up like a beautiful poori. You can omit this set and cook the roti directly on the stove also.

Smear Ghee and store in a casserole.

Keep in mind
Ghee enhances the taste of the roti.
The above quantity makes 20 small rotis.
If you find the dough very sticky, add some more flour and if you find the dough very dry, sprinkle hot water.
The Rotis stay fresh for a day.
The dough can be prepared in advance, rolled, cut into discs and stored in sir tight container in the fridge. The prepared dough stays fresh for 2 days in fridge.

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