Monday, October 5, 2009

Deep Fried Chicken Balls

I like chicken in any form, specially if its fried, The chicken we get here has a very tough meat unlike the ones in bangalore. I had some meat sitting in my fridge for couple of days , I was racking my brain to make something out of it as i don like to keep the meat for so long. I thought i would make cutlets but i had ran out of bread crumbs, hence came this simple recipe.

We throughly enjoyed this crispy, tasty chicken balls.

Boneless Chicken 1 kg (cooked)
Green Chilli 3-4nos
Coriander leaves 1/2 cup (cleaned and chopped)
Pudina leaves 1/2 cup (Cleaned and chopped)
Ginger garlic paste 11/2 tsp
Jeera 1tsp
Turmeric 1/2 tsp
Garam Masala 1tsp
Curry leaves 10
Besan Flour 2tsp
Oil to fry the chicken balls

Cooking Method

Grind all the ingredients to a smooth dough.

Make small balls of the dough and deep fry in hot oil.

Cooking time : 30min
Serves 5-6

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